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Our Pricing and Packages


Rs.150 / month
  • 3 Regular Ads
  • No Featured Ads
  • No Top Ads
  • No Ads will be bumped up
  • Limited Support


Rs.300 / month
  • 5 Regular Ads
  • 1 Featured Ad
  • 1 Top Ad
  • 1 Ad will be bumped up
  • Basic Support


Rs.900 / month
  • 10 Regular Ads
  • 2 Featured Ads
  • 3 Top Ads
  • 3 Ads will be bumped up
  • Basic Support


Rs.8000 / Year
  • 300 Regular Ads
  • 15 Featured Ads
  • 10 Top Ad
  • 15 Ads will be bumped up
  • Priority Support